Volunteer with Us

What are our volunteers saying?

Why did you decide to become a volunteer with the I.M.A.G.E. program?

“I’ve always had a passion to help young people especially young girls. Then I met you, Cheryl, and felt you had that same passion and more. You were always taking action to contribute to the lives of young girls through Rebecca’s House Foundation and I.M.A.G.E.”


– D. Moore

“To make a difference, not just for the kids but for myself.”


“To help young women become more confident.  This was an issue for me when I was growing up”.


– C. Benedetto

“I wanted to volunteer in a way that would help young people gain confidence and improve their self-esteem by becoming aware of what they are truly capable of, what they have to offer”.

A. Kartik-Narayan

Was the experience personally impactful?

“Yes, because it gave me the opportunity I was looking for to potentially make a difference in a young girl’s life”.

– D. Moore

“Yes, just seeing how fun and how big their dreams are makes you feel special in being involved in making it happen”.


“It definitely was.  I got to know each girl personally, and it reminded me of when I was their age, and I took pride with how far I have come”.


– C. Benedetto

“Definitely – I am truly inspired by the girls.  They each have distinctive perspectives and admirable dreams.  I have learned a lot from them, and it has been personally rewarding to see their confidence grow”.


– A. Kartik-Narayan

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